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"The passion behind what we set out to do for kids and our community is all about having a heart to serve. Our youth foundation is a work of ministry as we are a humble vessel for God’s will. My father was murdered when I was 6 years old, growing up in Detroit. One day wandering through my neighborhood at 8 years old with some teenagers, I stopped into a recreation center to play basketball. That day, my life changed after some men approached me and asked me to join the Little League Football team. Those men not only became my coaches, but they also served as a father figure to me. My coaches instilled discipline in me, focus, hard work, perseverance and most importantly, they helped me envision a positive future. Our youth foundation was created 100% with this vision: To connect the young people of our community with great coaches through our activities and events, hoping to leave the same imprint my childhood coaches left on me. Without those incredible men who gave me years of their time and commitment, my path would have been quite different."




Oronde “Coach O” Taliaferro founded Challenge 2 Change with the goal to give back to the community in the same way his youth football coaches did. At the age of 6, Coach O tragically lost his father. His youth football coaches became his father figures, making an incredible impact in his life. Today, Coach O is in year 12 as an NBA Scout (Brooklyn Nets). Leading up to this he coached at the University of Oklahoma, University of Arkansas and Kent State University. Coach O made history in Michigan by becoming the youngest coach to win a basketball state championship, he was only 26 years old. As a college basketball player he won 3 consecutive Conference Championships at Wayne State University and was a standout athlete at Mumford High School where he played as Point Guard and Quarterback.




Kaylee's dedication to serving children and her community can be traced back to her family's charitable work providing school supplies in the Dominican Republic. She continued to serve in the DR and then took on the role of servant leader for VOUS Kids at VOUS Church. Kaylee has a master’s degree in business administration and marketing from Nova Southeastern University. During the pandemic shutdown in March 2020, she played a significant role in developing creative arts activities and independent living skills for the C2C Enrichment Camp at His House Children’s Home, leaving a lasting impact on the C2C Epic Youth program. She also led the C2C distance learning and academic support program for foster children from September 2020 to June 2021, which is now our daily program specializing in the care of children in foster care. Kaylee is responsible for overseeing the operations of our C2C Foster Care program and our C2C EPIC Sports Fun Day partnerships with schools and the community.



Arely Reyes is the Transition Care Program director. With a strong background in Education and Behavior Analysis, Arely oversees and ensures all state licenses and mandates are up to date at what the C2C staff lovingly calls “Home”. The place where all coaches and staff members come together to make sure the youth attending the program have the best experience possible through arts and crafts, sports and home cooked meals. Arely began working with children at the age of 18 and quickly realized the need for caring and loving adults in the life of children while they are away from their parents. Arely led a team of 12 teachers for 6 years at a local preschool before leaving to fully take on her role in Behavior Analysis, working with children on the autism spectrum and related disorders.

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